Lexington Country Club

Lexington holds a special place in Kentucky history and geography. Founded in 1775, and named after the famed Massachusetts battle where the "shot heard ´round the world"; opened the American Revolution, the Kentucky frontier town rapidly evolved into a remarkably sophisticated and cultured community. 
Lexington became home for a substantial elite of prominent citizens, accomplished in a wide range of endeavors. For their leisure moments, Lexington society enjoyed horse racing, fox hunting, church functions, theatre and theatricals, opera, parks, various service clubs and fraternal orders, restaurants, taverns, and cafés. The town still lacked a special locus for social recreation.
So over one hundred years ago, some of central Kentucky's most prominent citizens gathered to form a golf club modeled on the best of such clubs in the United States. The result was the founding of the Lexington Country Club on beautiful Paris Pike in Fayette County. Evolving into a grand social club offering golf, tennis, swimming, great sports tournaments, a regal clubhouse, fine food, and lavish parties.