My name is Chloe Dykes and I was born in Houston, Texas. Southern and Hispanic Food are the base of my food knowledge. I have been cooking since I can remember, and it has always been my means of expression. At 21, I was educated in Classic French Technique. To me, it is imperative I continue to learn more about food and remain open to new and different things. I have really been fortunate in the experiences I've gained: I've been able to gather knowledge from talented chefs all over Kentucky and beyond. I have always been a "hit the ground running" type of person so it does not come as a surprise I was able to become Executive Chef before the age of 30.

The Lexington Country Club has taught me so much over the years. I am so lucky to be here now guiding the culinary program. Chef Robert Myers hired me many moons ago and the loss of him was one I will never forget. I think about him often when I am planning menus or prepping in the same spot he used to. I know he would be proud of the accomplishments of LCC.I want to continue in his honor and only elevate from here.