It is expected that all members, their families and guests will conduct themselves as ladies and gentlemen. Any complaints should be directed to the General Manager or to the Board of Governors in writing for investigation and action. Any complaints against members should be directed to the Membership Committee.


  Proper attire will be required for members and guests dining in the Main Dining Room at all times. Hats and/or caps for men should be removed when entering the main Clubhouse. Casual Attire will be acceptable in the Grille and Bendelow Room at all times. This includes denim jeans, skirts, and jackets that are not ragged. Collared shirts are required. Casual Attire will be acceptable in the Main Dining Room during times when the Grille and Bendelow Bar are completely full. Casual Attire will also be acceptable in Main Dining Room on designated Holidays, Club Functions or Bingo events. No Denim attire is permitted in the Main Dining Room at any time, except for designated events.6 Tee shirts, cut-offs or ragged attire are never permitted in the Clubhouse or Patio areas. An area of the North Patio closest to the Lizard's Lounge shall be designated as a Pool Casual area and tasteful pool attire (collared shirts required for gentlemen- cover ups for women ) shall be permitted during summer months of operation. Shoes and Shirt must be worn on patio at all times. Swim Suits worn on the Patio require Cover-ups.


Guests are welcome. There are restrictions on the number of times an individual may be a guest. Please refer to the appropriate section for details. Members are responsible for their guests and the payment of fees and charges.
A golf guest fee entitles a guest to use all of the facilities of the club. A tennis guest fee entitles a guest to use the tennis and pool facilities, while a pool guest fee allows only the use of the pool. All guests may use the clubhouse and dining facilities.